3 Best Adult Cam Sites For Cam2Cam Giantess Chat

Best Adult Chat Sites For Giantess Cam Girls

Few things in life would be as awesome, as a woman so gigantic, that you could literally climb inside of her. We checked to see what the top cam sites are, if you want to watch giantess cam girls. They may be big, but good Giantess chat sites are hard to find. Here, we present to you the top 3, and how to sate your macrophilia fetish on each site. Find out what the sites are, and how to have the gigantic girls come to you.


Flirt4Free.com logo

Flirt4Free is an amazing cam site with a ton of beautiful babes. They might not have as many girls as some other sites, but the quality of the girls that are there is undeniable. Searching for a giantess chat room out of the live cam rooms can work, but can be a bit difficult. We recommend hopping on over to the forums, and making a post. If you are looking for more immediate action, we recommend checking out the list of top 20 fetish models. These girls are usually down to roleplay in whatever role you want. Just ask, and they will put the webcam at ground level, so you are forced to look up to them.

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A Flirt4Free giant cam girl about to crush you with her heels

You can start a Multi-user show for as low as $0.50 a minute. As long as you were the member that initiated the multi-user show, you will be able to activate your webcam and microphone at no additional cost. However, be aware that in multi-user shows, other users will be able to join in, and steal your thunder. If they out tip you, the cam girl might shift her attention away from you.

The cost of a private show averages at around $3.00-6.00 a minute, but the prices can be higher or lower, depending on the model. If you used the forums to find a giant, you can set up a time and date with her, after discussing what you want in the session. If you enter a random chat room, we recommend explaining your needs before starting the show. Be specific if you want to be eaten, dominated, crushed, if you want jerk off instructions, or if you simply want to fantasize about literally being able to walk into a giant's giant pussy.


ImLive.com logo

ImLive recently upgraded to HD. The site is cheap and has a lot to offer. There is one reason in particular, why you will love ImLive. They have the option to submit your fantasy. You write in your filthy sexual fantasy, involving gigantification, crushing, vore, and whatever else suits your fancy, and submit it. The cam girls that are interested will message you. All you need to do is pick which giantess to respond to, to arrange a day and time. If you want a more immediate solution, check out the Multi-viewer. You can set it Fetish, to view 6 rooms a time. When you have found your almighty Tallest, just enter her room and start talking to her.

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ImLive giantess chat room

A private show on ImLive averages between $1.98-3.00 a minute, at the first level of the loyalty tier. As you collect rewards points, you will rise up the levels, and get more free bonus credits with every purchase. The price of private chats drops, as you are awarded up to 30% bonus credits on every purchase. In the long run, ImLive is the most cost effective site for private cam2cam giantess chats.

Cam2cam and 2 way audio are included in every private show. If you used the submit a fantasy feature, make sure to look out for any coupon codes the model might have given you. Coupon codes can knock off a chunk off the cost your private shows. If you use the traditional method of going from room to room, you should inquire with the model to see if she can confidently perform as a giantess on cam for you, or not. Most of the cam girls on ImLive have dabbled in the dominant role, and crushing, is especially common on the site.


LiveJasmin.com logo

Generally speaking, LiveJasmin is our most highly recommend cam site. LiveJasmin has the most models, the hottest models, and all of them have to broadcast in HD. If you are looking for the all around best site, LiveJasmin is it. Unfortunately, LiveJasmin doesn't really have any search options when it comes to giantess chat rooms. Typing giant, giantess, and macrophilia into the search bar doesn't yield any results. We highly recommend LiveJasmin, but you will need to manually search through the girls, to find a giantess. It's a worthwhile search, but we understand that most users that are looking for giantesses, want sites where it is easy to find giantesses.

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A giantess chat room on LiveJasmin

A private show with a cam girl roleplaying as a giantess will cost you an average of $2.20-3.30 a minute. The hotter and more experienced cam girls may charge more, but generally speaking you should be able to find a cam girl that suites your price preferences. Cam2cam is included during every private show, but you will find that you usually have to pay extra to activate 2 way audio, if available at all.

Some users may be miffed that they have to activate their microphone, but LiveJasmin is the only site that guarantees that the function will work. On other sites, you have no way of knowing if the cam girl will really be able to hear you, until the show starts. As a whole, searching for macrophilia fetish roleplaying chat hosts can be hard, but that's only if you are looking for models that specalize in it. The girls on LiveJasmin are serious professionals. Most will be willing to explore your fetish with you, as long as you give them a basic idea of what you want.

Training a Cam Girl to Perform as a Giantess

It's a sad reality, but at present, most cam girls don't really know how to perform as a giant. For the ideal experience, you will need to set down some guidelines. You should explain to the cam girl, the ideal angle for the illusion to work. You will want the model to put the camera down by her feet, pointing upwards to create the best effect.

If you have any particular interests that line up with your giantess fetish, be sure to tell the performer what they are, and how to perform them.

For trampling and crushing, the model can simply use her feet, to destroy little objects. If she has any dolls or figurines , crushing those can often create a great effect.

Devouring can be a little harder to achieve, but many users are satisfied with an up close zoom of the face.

If you can't think of a way to achieve a specific visualization, just ask the model. They have a ton of experience in front of the camera, and usually know how to work the angles.


Finding a giantess chat host can be difficult, but we did our best to give you the sites that will make it easy to find a giant. The three sites above will give you the best options. It is really up to you, what you want to focus on.

If you don't mind searching manually for a girl that will suit your taste, we recommend LiveJasmin. Overall, it has the best video quality, the hottest models, and the best customer support out of any cam site.

If you want the cam girls to come to you, want cheap prices, and don't mind a lowered video quality, ImLive is ideal for you. ImLive excels in meeting users fetish needs. Since you can submit your fantasy, you can choose how elaborate of a production you want. You can tell her exactly what you want to see, or better yet, you can even give her a script.

Overall, our top recommendation for giantess webcam sites is Flirt4Free. Flirt4Free has the balance between HD chat rooms, and ease of finding giantesses. Using the forums won't be as quick as submitting a fantasy on ImLive, but the video quality will be much higher.

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