7 Best Sex Cam Sites to Watch Spit Cams Live

Best Cam Sites to Watch Spit Fetish

If you like wet and sloppy blowjobs and women covered in saliva, then spit fetish webcams might just be what you are looking for. These are the 7 best cam sites to watch spit cams – girls spit and drool over their toys and themselves. Find out what each site has to offer in terms of prices, selection, and more.


CamSoda.com logo

CamSoda is the leading cam site in terms of innovation. It was the first cam site to have cam2cam available on mobile devices, and it has the best preview system out of any cam site while using a computer. Most of the rooms are in HD, but you will find some stragglers. You can improve you search time by using the search bar to look for spit.

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Drooling cam girl on CamSoda

CamSoda has around 600 webcam models online at any given time of the day. The numbers are predominantly female, with a decent selection of transgenders, but only a small selection of couples. There are very rarely any male models online. Most of the cam girls are South American.

CamSoda is our favorite freemium cam site. There is a ton of nudity everywhere you look. You can tip for requests and goals in the free rooms.

CamSoda has ticket shows which are quite cheap, but honestly the private shows have better value for money. Private shows start off for as low as $0.60 a minute and are usually inclusive of cam2cam and a free recording of the show, even on mobile devices. A notification window will tell you what's included prior to starting the show.


LiveJasmin.com logo

When it comes to customer satisfaction, LiveJasmin is by far the best. LiveJasmin has strict quality control guidelines, so you can rest assured that you will enjoy every show. The site features HD webcams in nearly every room, with very few exceptions. Sadly, there is no way to search for spit cams. You will need to enter the rooms manually to ask.

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LiveJasmin spitting cam girl

LiveJasmin usually has over a thousand webcam rooms online, with a nice variety of cam girls, cam studs, couples, and transgenders. No matter your sexual orientation or physical preference, you should be able to find something on the site.

The free chat rooms on LiveJasmin are non-nude. You can get to know the cam girls better, but these rooms aren't there for you to get off.

If you are looking for a cheap show, you can check out the VIP shows which cost a fraction of a dollar a minute. But, if you want cam2cam, you will need to pay for a private show, which averages at about $2.40 a minute. Two way audio and c2c on mobile devices both cost 1-2 dollars extra each.


Flirt4Free.com logo

Flirt4Free is a great cam site with a small but highly skilled collection of webcam models. The site lets any model join, but any girl that doesn't prove popular enough is quickly removed from the Flirt4Free's pages. The site has great video quality and a wide assortment of spit tagged videos. The search function is totally unhelpful for live spit shows, we recommend asking individually in the rooms.

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Sexy cam girl drooling on Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free usually has about 400 cam girls, 400 cam boys, and a few couples and transgenders. All of the categories have beautiful models, though it's only the male and female categories that really have a large selection to look at.

Flirt4Free has completely free chat rooms that you can use for as long as you like. These rooms have a bit of nudity in them, but not much. There is more nudity in the Party Chat rooms, but most of the girls set really high goals.

Multi-user and Private shows are where it's at. Both are inclusive of cam2cam and start for as low as $0.50 a minute. Where possible, we recommend the private shows, as other users joining in and tipping for other things can seriously interrupt your show.

We highly recommend Flirt4Free's VIP package, which gives you coupons for discounts, lets you rewatch all your shows for free, and makes all your private shows True Privates, so other users can't spy in on them.


ImLive.com logo

ImLive is a leader in the field of cheap sex cams. The site has a loyalty program which makes it cheaper and cheaper the more you use it. You can book show periods of over half an hour, to get significant discounts on each show. While the search bar and filter aren't too helpful, you can submit you fantasy to have the relevant cam girls message you.

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ImLive cam girl getting covered with spit

ImLive usually has about 800 webcam models online. The numbers are composed mostly of cam girls, but there is also a large collection of cam couples and trannies. There used to be a good selection of men, but the numbers have dwindled.

The free rooms on ImLive might have the occasional nip slip, but overall the rooms do not contain free nudity or free spit cam shows for that matter.

There are super cheap candy shows, but they don't include cam2cam. We recommend sticking with the private chats, which average at $1.98 a minute. They are inclusive of cam2cam and 2 way audio. You can record sections of the show, to rewatch later at your discretion, however, you will have to pay to rewatch the videos.


Streamate.com logo

Streamate is a pay as you go cam site where you leave your payment information on file and get charged only for what you spent. The site has amazing video quality, of up to 4K, however, those rooms aren't labelled and finding them can be difficult. The site's search bar is very helpful. You can search for spit or drool to get the results you crave. 

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Streamate cam girl giving a sloppy spit covered blowjob

Streamate usually has over a thousand webcam models online, with a nice selection being available in all the gender categories. You can easily find cam girls from all over the world, as each model is tagged by her region.

The site has free rooms where users can tip for requests. You can find goals in some of the Gold shows, but not all of them.

Private shows are where the most excitement is to be had. These shows average at around $3.00 a minute. Cam2cam is usually included, but you should really ask before starting your show as some models don't do c2c at all.


Chaturbate.com logo

When it comes to selection, nobody can beat the behemoth which is Chaturbate. It has nearly triple the number of cam rooms online than any other site. Chaturbate has amazing video quality of up to 4K and a ton of free nudity. While cam2cam on the site might not be great, there is a lot to see. We recommend using the search bar to look for #spit or #saliva.

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Chaturbate cam girl spitting on her tits

Chaturbate usually has well over 3,000 webcams online, with a massive selection in all gender categories. The site's tag system is seriously messy, but no site has more chat rooms to look through and explore.

Chaturbate has thousands of free cam rooms where the models are already naked. There are usually goals and you can tip for requests. You can tip to cam2cam in the free rooms on Chaturbate, but it isn't just a click and go ordeal.

Since Chaturbate has thousands of users in some of the rooms, you might need to switch to a private show if you want to be ale to actually talk to the girl. These shows start off for as low as $0.60, but cam2cam is not included. As with in the free chat rooms, you will need to tip to turn it on.


MyFreeCams.com logo

MyFreeCams was the original free cam site. When it first launched, it disrupted the entire market with it's completely free to watch shows. A lot of sites have copied it's business model, but other than Chaturbate, few can beat it's numbers. Cam2cam on MyFreeCams isn't too great, but the search engine is very useful in finding spit related terms.

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MyFreeCams spit fetish cam girl

MyFreeCams usually has over a thousand webcam models online, all female. The site only features naturally born women. The only boy/girl content you can find is uploaded videos in the individual cam girl profiles.

There is a lot of free nudity on MyFreeCams. Most users tip for goals and requests in the free rooms. Like on Chaturbate, you can c2c in the free rooms on MyFreeCams, though it also involves a separate set up process.

Private shows on MyFreeCams are expensive. They cost a set price of $6.00 a minute. The more popular cam girls will demand a tribute on top of that fee. Cam2cam isn't included, which is why most users stick with tipping and making requests in the free chat rooms instead.

Getting the Most out of Your Spit Cam Show

On the freemium sites, getting a cam girl to spit, slobber and drool over a dildo during the free shows will require looking at the tip menu. Most of the cam girls will have some sort of basic tip menu where they list out everything they do and how much you will need to tip to watch it happen. If you find a cam girl that you are interested in, but she doesn't have a tip menu, or just doesn't have anything to do with spit listed as an option, then just ask. The worst case scenario is that you hear a no.

When it comes to getting a private slobber covered show, we recommend confirming with the model whether she does spit shows prior to starting the show. Otherwise, you might enter a show and find out the cam girl is unwilling.


Finding the spit cams on each site will require some searching. While some sites do have a function to find cam girls that do spit shows, they won't provide you with the full picture. Since all women have saliva, you will find that nearly all of the models on all the sites will be willing to perform, so long as you pay for it. Spit fetish is among the least hardcore fetishes there are. With the requests that cam girls hear every day, you asking for a private spit cam show is hardly going to be the weirdest thing they've heard today.

Each of the sites above has different benefits. If you have the time, we recommend making an account on each of the sites, to see which has the cam girls which draw your attention. All of the sites above give you the option to starting creating a favorites list before you've spent a dime.

If you are a busy man, and want to head straight to the cams, then our top recommendation is CamSoda. It is by far our favorite site thanks to its astonishing cam girls, advanced preview system, myriads of porn tags, affordable chat rates and, above all, mobile c2c.

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