7 Best Webcam Sites for a Live Cam GF Experience

Top 7 Sex Cam Sites to Get the GF Experience

There are many sex cam sites online, but not all of them have cam girls that are familiar with giving the girlfriend experience. These are the 7 best sites to have a hot cam girl act like your girlfriend, to give you the love, intimacy, and attention that you crave.


LiveJasmin.com logo

LiveJasmin stands at the forefront of webcam sites. While other sites continue to invest in frivolous features, LiveJasmin has continued to focus only on what matters. What that has created, is an unparalleled experience with fantastic video quality and amazingly hot babes. Searching for the world girlfriend in the search bar will show you all the girls well versed in the girlfriend experience.

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Big titty goth girlfriend on LiveJasmin

The girls that come up from the search bar are women who have tagged themselves for girlfriend roleplay and for relationship advice. Generally speaking, these are non-nude cam girls, but if you do repeated sessions you can get more action. If you are looking for a girlfriend experience where the cam girl strips and masturbates for you, then you are going to have to manually search through the cam rooms. Most of the girls on the site will be down to be all lovey dovey, just make sure to ask in the chat prior to starting your show.

As a premium cam site, the girls don't strip in the free chat rooms on LiveJasmin. For your show, you are going to have to initiate a private show where you can be alone with the model you chose. On average, a private show will cost you $2.20 to $3.30 a minute. Cam2cam and two way audio cost an additional $1.10 a minute each. While other sites offer 2 way audio for free, LiveJasmin is the only one that guarantees it will work. 


Flirt4Free.com logo

Flirt4Free might seem like a small cam site if you look at the number of models, but that's just because the site is super prestigious about which models they let register. What makes Flirt4Free unique to other sites, is that their VIP program will actually give you discounts towards your purchases. While the search function isn't the greatest to find yourself a sweetheart, the forum is usually fruitful.

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Redheaded girlfriend type cam girl on Flirt4Free

In the forum, you can posts for recommendations from other users and actually get some responses out of the cam girl themselves. We recommend using the option to view rooms by price to find the cam girls in your price range. When you find the right girl, enter her room and inquire as to what you are interested in. You will find that many of the cam girls on Flirt4Free are quite experienced in playing the girl next door as well as the girl friend. We recommend paying for the VIP package, to block other users from being able to spy in on your private shows.

Flirt4Free used to be a site without free nudity, but that is slowly changing. You can catch some free skin on the site, but the girls really do prefer the paid show types. You can get a cam2cam show for as low as $0.55 a minute, but that's in the multi-user rooms where other users will likely interrupt your fun. Private shows start at $3.00 a minute, preventing other users from being able to interact during your show. While cam2cam and 2 way audio are available for free on desktop, they aren't currently available at all on mobile devices.


CamSoda.com logo

CamSoda is currently our top freemium cam site recommendation. The site itself is usually filled with gratuitous action, but you can usually pry the girls away from the free chat rooms with an offer of a private show. The tags aren't too helpful in finding an experienced girlfriend experience giving cam girl, but most will be willing as long as you request it prior to starting a show.

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Cute blonde bombshell on CamSoda

If you are on a desktop, we recommend taking advantage of the incredible live preview system that CamSoda created. Hovering your mouse over any of the rooms will autoplay all the rooms on the pages at once. You can see for yourself exactly which of the women matches the girl friend of your dreams. You should note that cam2cam is not in all private shows on CamSoda, but you can easily tell which rooms do prior to starting your show as the confirmation window tells you if c2c is included or not.

As a freemium site, CamSoda is often filled with already buck naked cam girls. You can join in on the fun in any of the rooms, where most of the models will be down to leave the crowds for some alone time with you. Private shows start off at a surprisingly low cost of $0.60 a minute and an average cost of $2.40 a minute. There is no option to sort by price though, so it can be a bit hectic. When cam2cam is on offer, it is available for free on mobile and desktop, along with 2 way audio, which is why Camsoda is our top recommendation for mobile users.


ImLive.com logo

ImLive is a great low cost cam site that continues to get cheaper and cheaper the more you use it. While ImLive might not have a single HD webcam on any room on the site, there are many features to keep users entertained and happy. Arguably, the best feature is the option to submit your fantasy of the type of girlfriend experience you seek.

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Upscale girlfriend chat host on ImLive

Submitting your fantasy is arguably the way to get the best girlfriend experience private show possible, but it is not immediate. You will need to submit your request, and wait a little while to see who the women who respond are. If you aren't feeling patient, you will need to look for the right girl just as you would on any other site, which means a manual search. What's really nice about ImLive, is the option to pre-pay for larger blocks of time for discounts of up to 30%. It keeps things low cost if you are looking for half hour sessions.

While you might catch the occasional titty flash on ImLive, the site is premium in nature. To get the models to give you the show you want, you are going to have to initiate a private sex chat. These average for between $1.98 and $3.00 a minute at the lowest level of the loyalty tier. Each level you rise makes it cheaper, as you get more free bonus credits with every transaction. All private shows on ImLive are inclusive of cam2cam and 2 way audio on desktop, but currently not on mobile devices.


MyFreeCams.com logo

MyFreeCams was the original free cam site, and all the rest just copied it. The site has a huge selection of webcam models and an amazingly advanced search function which can pull up just about any kink your heart desires. Searching for the word girlfriend usually pulls up more than a few relevant results, though the site is honestly expensive for private sessions.

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Innocent looking blonde next door webcam model on MyFreeCams

The search bar will yield all the women who have the word tagged in their profiles or in the topics of the room. You shouldn't feel limited by the selection available to you, as asking around beyond these rooms is usually just as fruitful. Like CamSoda, MyFreeCams also has a live preview system, but you have to actually turn it on yourself. It isn't as efficient as the system on CamSoda, but it can help save you some time. Just make sure to avoid the rooms with hundreds of guests, as those girls are probably too busy for you.

As a super busy freemium site, things can get expensive very quickly. All private shows on the site have a set cost of $6.00 a minute or $8.00 a minute if you want a truly private experience, where no one can spy in on your show. This price is not inclusive of cam2cam, which usually involves a one time fee, but which must be set up separately. The price may increase further, if you are looking at one of the more popular girls on the site. Some of them expect a tribute prior to initiating a show, these tributes can be quite high.


Streamate.com logo

Streamate is a widely popular cam site that went ahead and simplified the whole payment approach to sex cams. Rather than buying credits or tokens, you leave your payment information on file, behind a secure server. At the end of each session, you are charged for exactly what you spent. Searching for girlfriend yields all the girls who were tagged by users.

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Cute Streamate model cosplaying as Harley Quinn

Streamate's tag system is kind of a mixed bag. Since everything is tagged by users, sometimes it will pull up results that aren't 100% correct. We highly recommend confirming the type of experience you are into prior to initiating the show. The one real problem with Streamate, is that you can only open up one chat room at a time. The quality in the rooms is fantastic, but you can't quickly open up multiple rooms to try and figure out which one interests you. It can severely inhibit your search efforts.

Streamate is a premium site where the girls are allowed to get naked for tips. While some users do tip during the free chat, most prefer going private, where more intimacy can be had. It's hard to gauge an average price for Streamate. The girls are at liberty to charge whatever they want, resulting in every number under the rainbow. Cam2cam and 2 way audio aren't always included, and you should check with the models prior to initiating. Some of the girls only cam2cam in exclusive chat rooms, which are more expensive.


Chaturbate.com logo

Chaturbate is an amazingly popular freemium cam site with a huge selection of webcam rooms. While it is the only cam site to offer 4K streaming, the site did a terrible job in implementing cam2cam. It makes setting up your date session more annoying, but after you've found yourself a cam girl for repeated dates, it becomes less of a hassle. Searching for #girlfriend isn't too useful, we recommend the manual approach.

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Cute Asian girlfriend on Chaturbate

Chaturbate has more webcam models than any other site. You have pages upon pages to search through, with many opportunities for a show. However, the tagging system on Chaturbate is far from perfect. Trying to search for #girlfriend is rarely useful. Sometimes it will pull up a girl or two, but most of the girls don't tag themselves for #girlfriend, #girlfriendexperience, #gfexperience or anything similar. You will need to ask in the rooms manually, but at least you can open up as many as you want at once.

Chaturbate always has pages upon pages of girls in the nude. The more popular girls have hundreds of users vying for their attention, leaving little room for you. The pages other than the front page are usually better for users looking for a private show. There is a huge price range on Chaturbate's private shows, though the average is around $3.00 a minute. Cam2cam is not included in the private show, and must be set up separately.


While there are many great cam sites, finding a cam girl that is well versed in roleplaying the gf experience is actually quite hard. Most sites don't tag themselves appropriately, meaning that more often than not you have to perform a manual search by talking to the ladies.

The only site with a real dedicated girlfriend category is LiveJasmin, but these girls are there more for relationship advice than to strip. If you are looking for a girlfriend to cum together with you, we recommend asking around in the chat rooms just like you would on any of the other sites we recommended.

If you haven't made an account yet, we really recommend starting off there.

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