9 Top SPH Live Cam Sites

9 Best Cam Sites To Get Your Small Penis Humiliated

Does your tiny dick get just a little bit bigger when a woman laughs at it? If so, you're in for a treat. We took a look at all the adult cam sites we've reviewed and arranged them according to one key factor, the quality of their private SPH cam shows. The models on these sites will degrade you in the best way possible. Read on to find out what the 9 best sites for SPH JOI (small penis humiliation jerk off instructions) are, what they charge, and what they offer.


CamSoda.com logo

CamSoda is the best freemium site online for finding a cam girl to humiliate you and your wiener. Though, when you search for 'SPH' on CamSoda, you are presented with a limited selection. But, don't let this deter you from the site's offerings of talented models. If you ask around, you will find that most of the girls that have cam2cam available, will also be willing to laugh at you for over your peanut sized dick. What makes CamSoda truly exciting, are two key features. On desktops, it is the only site where you can get live previews of all the rooms on a page at once. On mobile, it is the best site to do SPH cam2cam shows on your phone.

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When she doesn't even know what expression to make

As a whole, you should try and look for the girls who look more fetish orientated, but you don't have to. We recommend leaving your mouse over a thumbnail on any page, and seeing which room draws your eye. You will find that you can get some very exciting shows, without ever having to enter a chat room.

If you want a girl to shame you for your tiny dick, you will need to make sure that the webcam models you are looking at have cam2cam included. Some models on CamSoda do, while others do not. Some models offer free show recordings, which you will be able to rewatch whenever you want. You can watch their disgusted expressions as many times as you want and whenever you want.

Private SPH sessions on CamSoda start off at $0.60 a minute. You will find that you can find a much bigger selection between $1.20 and $3.00. Unfortunately, you can't filter by price, so you might need to do a bit of searching.


LiveJasmin.com logo

LiveJasmin is the best premium cam site in the world. The site is filled with thousands of classy webcam models, all of whom are gorgeous. The true differentiator between LiveJasmin and other sites, is there emphasis on quality. LiveJasmin's models will go the extra mile to humiliate you. Just whoop our your tiny pecker on cam for them, and they will laugh at you, degrade you, and tell you exactly what they think of your lack of manhood.

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Sexy cam girl that can't even spot your tiny dick

What truly makes LiveJasmin different is their commitment to high definition. You will find HD cameras in every single chat room. When in a cam2cam session, the model will be able to see you in HD as well, so long as you have a HD webcam. We recommend checking the Fetish chat rooms, to find the most experienced women possible.

Private SPH shows on LiveJasmin average between $2.20 and $3.30 a minute. And, to include 2-way video and audio, you will need to pay an additional dollar or two per minute for each feature. Other sites might offer audio for free, but they don't ever guarantee the model will hear you.

On LiveJasmin, you can be sure that when you pay to turn on your microphone, that the mistress you are in a show with, will always be able to hear you whimper as she laughs away.


FetishGalaxy.com logo

FetishGalaxy operates in a completely different want to LiveJasmin. While LiveJasmin concentrates on quality, FetishGalaxy seeks to just pile on more and more filthy and degrading fetishes. Searching through the front page, you can find all the models labelled, to know exactly who's a sub, who's a dom, and who's a expert in the field of emasculation. FetishGalaxy does not have many HD chat room on the site. Most rooms have an adequate HQ, but you should expect to be able to spot more than a few pixels.

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SPH cams on FetishGalaxy

FetishGalaxy is a no holds barred fetish site. Clicking between the various fetishes offered, you will notice that the profile picture of the models change accordingly. Most of the girls in most categories would be willing to do give you a private SPH show. We recommend sticking with the dominant girls, for the best experience. 

Private shows on FetishGalaxy start at $0.98 a minute, but the average price seems to be closer to $2.50 a minute. Cam2cam is included, but you will be limited by video quality. In the same way you can't watch models in HD, they can't watch you in HD either. 

The video quality on FetishGalaxy is the deciding factor for many. In terms of fetishes, they are the best cam site, but until they actually upgrade their systems, we just can't recommend them as number one. If you are okay with SD and HQ cameras, you're in for a treat, otherwise, move along.


Flirt4Free.com logo

Flirt4Free is the sister site to Kink.com, one of the largest kinky porn distributors in the world. As you would expect of slutty sisters, these two sites share a lot of filthy content. Flirt4Free has a dedicated section to check out who the top 20 fetish models are on the site at any given time. You know exactly which mistresses give an SPH show so good, that you have to keep coming back for more. While Flirt4Free doesn't have as many babes as LiveJasmin, it manages to compete in term of beauties.

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When you take it out and she's just shocked by the size

Flirt4Free has great quality HD cam rooms. Cam2cam and two-way audio is included during all private show types, however, as mentioned in the LiveJasmin section, the model may not be able to hear you.

A paid show with an SPH specializing cam girl can be as cheap as $0.50 a minute, but prices seem to average more around the $3.00 to $4.00 mark. You can filter the rooms by price, to find a model at the price point you are willing to pay.

Flirt4Free's cam girls that will do small penis humiliation can be most easily found in the domination category. The dominant girls aren't the only ones that would be willing to torment you, but you would have to do more searching.


ImLive.com logo

ImLive is a cheap sex cam site with a great loyalty program. The site only recently upgraded to HD, so the video quality in the rooms will vary.  Overall, there is a huge selection of webcam rooms to look through. You can use ImLive's Multi-Viewer, to scroll through 6 rooms at a time. You can use the feature, to locate the type of woman you want to watch you. If you aren't up for hunting, you can use ImLive's Fantasy Fulfiller. You write out your fantasy and requirements, and the girls which are interested in performing for you will message you back.

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A cheap SPH cam showon ImLive

Scrolling through ImLive's extensive webcam selection, you will encounter SD room after SD room. If you are lucky, you might run into a HQ room. Generally speaking, the focus of this site isn't on webcam quality, it's on low prices. You can find by SPH and JOI cam girls willing to giving private shows for under $2.00 a minute.

Cam2cam and two way audio are always available during private shows on ImLive, but you will find that the girls are usually unable to hear you.  The girls are either listening to their own music, or not connected to speakers. If you want a show where the model can hear you, we advise asking the model if she has a sound system attached.

At the end of the day, ImLive is highly recommended if you are embarrassed of going to chat room after chat room to ask about your fetishes. The fantasy fullfiller is a genius feature that saves you time, effort, and disappointment.


xLoveCam.com logo

The X factor in XLoveCam is its focus on gorgeous European cam models. There are of course sexy babes from every other continent, but without a doubt, this is a must-visit destination if you're searching for a cam partner with a European flare. The excellent search engine on the left of the main page makes finding that dominating diva a breeze, where you can choose the Fetish category, filter by body type or ethnicity, and even 'favorite' your best gals for your next session.

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Get SPH in any European language you want at xLoveCam

HD quality is pretty great throughout the site, but even if some rooms don't have it, you can easily use the filter once more and select HD Videos to get both fetish and HD sorted out. At any given time you'll find between 15-20 HD fetish models, however, you can easily find that top mama to give it to you just the way you deserve by searching regular models (Over 600 online).

Prices are super-cheap – on average you're looking at just over $2.00 a minute for a cam2cam show, and a minimum price of just $1.00 a minute. Xclusive shows (That others' can't spy on) will cost at least 50% more than the original private chat rate. To find the cheapest prices, use the search engine and select the Rates category, to choose which price is right for you.

In sum, xLoveCam is a great site that combines premium features and pro models with freemium prices and open rooms with plenty of naughty antics. You're sure to find your humiliation goddess that will make all your SPH fantasies come to life.


C2cPorn.com logo

C2CPorn is not a cam site. It is an aggregate featuring 8 sex cam sites, all of which are recommended by us. C2CPorn has an amazing search engine which makes finding the SPH cam rooms easier than ever. The site skims the tags from all the sites at once, and even searches through the model bios. You are presented with a large selection of all the models who have proudly proclaimed themselves to be experts at humiliating men over the size of their penises.

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One of C2CPorns many SPH cam rooms

C2CPorn does not have any chat rooms of it's own. When you find a model that interests you, you can click on the video player to be taken directly to her chat room. Once you register to whichever site you end up on, you will be able to talk to the model at your leisure.

It's basically impossible to gauge the prices on C2CPorn, as the site often has over 10,000 webcam models available. Most of them don't fall under the SPH fetish, but since they come from 8 different sites, it is hard to really estimate a price.


LivePrivates.com logo

Scrolling through the pages of LivePrivates models feel like a hunt through the PlayBoy mansion. Everywhere you look, there are beautiful big breasted women. You can filter the page as you like, to find exactly the type of woman you want to make fun of you. The models on LivePrivates are highly professional and are generally very open for experimentation. The girls in the Fetish category are the most likely to do SPH in private shows, but you shouldn't hesitate to ask around in the general rooms too.

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LivePrivates cam girl leaning in to see your tiny dick

As a rule of thumb, you should expect that nearly ever chat room you enter in LivePrivates will be in HD. There are a few stragglers, but it is generally just the new models, who haven't yet had the time to upgrade. Most of the experienced webcam models have full 1080 HD webcam rooms.

Private SPH shows average around $3.00 a minute. You can find cam girls that charge more, and others that charge less. The price of the show isn't an indicator of whether it will be good or not, so we advise not overspending. Most of the models on the site work full time, so if any of them gives you a great show, you can be sure to see her again.

Cam2cam is included during all private chat shows. 2 way audio is not included in most rooms, but can be purchased for an additional charge in others.


121SexCams.com logo

121SexCams is an adult chat site that looked at how users pay and decided to form a revolution. While on other sex cam sites you have buy credits or tokens, on 121SexCams what you do is leave your payment information on file. You leave your card behind a secure payment server, and are charged for exactly what you spend. You can set up a daily spending limit for yourself, to avoid ever going over budget. You will find that many of the models that do SPH will also be into Findom, so watch out for your wallet. 

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Naked cam girl getting super close just to spot your tiny pecker

121SexCams has primarily HD webcam rooms, but as you search further into the pages, you will begin to encounter rooms of lower quality. You can filter the rooms, to show them by video quality, but you can't filter them by price. The cheapest private shows start off at $0.99 a minute, but can go to well over $10.00, depending on the model.

Cam2cam and two way audio are not necessarily included during shows. Make sure to check with the model before the show starts to see if she will watch you. Any model that considers herself a mistress will be down to watch you, to see that you are truly following her instructions. If you find a cam girl that says she does SPH, but doesn't turn on webcams – close the hell out of that chat window.

The annoying thing about 121 Sex Cams, is that you can only open up one chat room at a time. It makes searching for your ideal dominatrix feel like more of a chore than it needs to be. 


Small penis humiliation, jerk off instructions, and cock & ball torture are all interlinked. If you like one, you won't necessarily like the other, but you will find that models that do one often do the other. Make sure to expand your searches to check all categories, so as you get as large a selection as possible. 

If you enjoy one of the three, you could try out new kinks, but you don't have to. If you want her to just focus on SPH, without trying to give you any JOI or CBT instructions, just tell her that.

You may be talking to a dominating mistress, but it is always important to be direct about what you are looking for.


While any of the sites above can get you the humiliation you crave, the number one site has to undoubtedly be CamSoda. The site excels in terms of video quality and model selection, and all at very reasonable prices.

Prepare to be mocked like never before.

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