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Chaturbate is quickly becoming one of the most popular webcam sites to become a model on. However, Chaturbate can be quite ban happy when it comes to both new and old models. If you are just starting out on your webcam career, these are the rules you will need to follow to avoid the ban hammer. Off the bat, we recommend not actually broadcasting until your account has been verified by Chaturbate.

New models that have yet to verify themselves are always listed as Exhibitionist. Exhibitionist cams are often banned, as troll users report them for being underage.


These are the basic rules they list:

  1. Everyone in the broadcast has to be over 18 – No minors are allowed to be seen. If a child is seen, your account will immediately be banned, and you will be reported to NCMEC and other relevant authorities.
  2. No bestiality – You can have your pets on camera, but you can't engage with them sexually or in a provocative manner. You can't use sex toys that look like animal parts either. Bad Dragon dildos are okay, because dragons aren't real.
  3. No drugs/alcohol on camera – It doesn't matter if you are smoking medical or recreational marijuana, you aren't allowed to spark a joint on while on cam. Prescription drugs and alcohol are also not permitted. You aren't allowed to be intoxicated either.
  4. No menstruation, vomit, feces, or urine – No dirty shows are allowed, not in public and not in private shows. If a user asks for these things, you can tell them Chaturbate's Terms & Conditions don't allow it.
  5. Don't mention competing websites – Don't divert users to other sites you also cam on. Don't talk about other sites, and don't have their props visible. If you also happen to own a CamSoda T-shirt, don't wear it while on Chaturbate.

If you dig into the Terms & Conditions, you will find that there are more rules:

  1. Don't participate in offensive behavior and harassment – Don't go into other broadcasters' rooms to incite fights and don't tell your users to go start fights in other broadcasters' rooms.
  2. No racist, obscene, or offensive language/shows -Don't engage or encourage racist behavior and hate speech to or from users. Don't wear religious clothing, which might offend users, for example burkas are not permitted.
  3. No real uniforms – Cosplaying is permitted, but you are not allowed to perform in a real uniform that represents an organization. You can dress up like a cop, but not in a real cop's uniform.
  4. Don't break copyright/trademark laws – Avoid doing things that would get you a cease and desist letter from a legitimate company. Don't call yourself DisneyPrincess69, or Disney might come after you.
  5. Don't solicit funds or advertise for other services– Don't use Chaturbate to advertise for your real life business. Don't organize meet ups for cash and don't outright beg for tips.
  6. Your account is for you only –  You can't transfer your account or let others use it. You can sign up as a couple and broadcast even if one partner is away, but you can't just let random people use your account.
  7. Don't log into other people's accounts – In the same way that you can't let people log into your account, you can't log into other people's accounts.
  8. Don't use Chaturbate for spam purposes – Don't spam your real life business, competitor sites, or even the chat room that you are operating on the site itself.
  9. No sleeping on camera – You are not permitted to sleep or even pretend to be asleep while on camera. If you think you are going to fall asleep, you should just take the rest of the day off.
  10. Overly large sex toys/animal shaped sex toys – You are not permitted to use anything that wasn't specifically designed to be a dildo. You can't use fruits or vegetables. You aren't allowed to use toys that are so big they could hurt you either.
  11. Incest/incest play – Don't engage in any incest or incest roleplaying. You can do couple shows where you are seducing your sister's husband, but you can't do shows where you are seducing your stepbrother.
  12. No Bukkake and Goatse scenes – If you don't know what Bukkake and Goatse are, you probably aren't going to perform them. Bukkake is taking facials from a large group of men. We do not recommend Googling Goatse.
  13. Illegal/unsafe activities – No rape roleplay, no violence, blood, torture, pain, erotic asphyxiation, or any other type of show that might cause you physical or emotional harm.
  14. No broadcasting in public or pretending to be in public – Chaturbate got sued after many cam girls started broadcasting out of their university libraries. Public displays are now completely banned.
  15. Outdoor broadcasts – Outdoor shows are only permitted with the property owner's consent and from where the neighbors can't see. You can't give your neighborhood a free show.
  16. No organizing prostitution/escort services – Chaturbate does not want to be associated with prostitution in any shape or form. Don't do it through their site. If you want to meet your fans, they recommend doing it at conventions.
  17. Don't try and arrange offline payments – Don't try and convince users to wire money directly to you. If you want to do things like Skype shows, you will need to get tipped for it in Chaturbate tokens, before switching to Skype.
  18. You aren't allowed to criticize Chaturbate – Chaturbate doesn't permit models to make written or verbal defaming or disparaging remarks against Chaturbate or the services it offers. You can't encourage users to make those kinds of remarks either.

Unwritten rules:

  1. Don't try to cheat the system – Don't get involved in scams and frauds. If you promise a show, you must deliver. If you believe a user is involved in credit card fraud, ban him from your room and report him to customer support.
  2. Don't strip till you're verified – Until you have verified you are over 18, showing any nudity can get you banned. We really recommend not streaming until you have been verified.
  3. Try and gain as many followers as you can – Your New status will boost you at first, but after that your rankings are determined by followers, number of viewers in the room, and tips. Followers are the easiest thing to control on a daily basis.


As you can see, Chaturbate has a whole lot of rules. They are quite strict about most of these rules, but you will find that some are not overly enforced. At the end of the day, Chaturbate is quite easy to work on, as long as you follow a few key principles. Basically, don't try to fuck the system, don't spam/harass, don't do things which can be considered as offensive, and don't be intoxicated on cam.

Good luck!


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