Get Up Close and Personal With Live Adult Cam Zoom

You Might be Ready for the Close Up, but is it Really Worth it

We have all been on chat sites like Fantastic free cam chat sites, loaded to the brim with gorgeous flirty webcam models who are just waiting to have you come along and ask them to put on an adult cam show just for you.

These sites are great, and they all come with a range of features; some hidden, some commonplace. Depending on which free cam chat site you are on, you will find different features more or less useful.


One such adult cam show option is the zoomable cam feature. offer this as a standard; even free and guest members can zoom in on the site’s flirty webcam models and enjoy a somewhat customized view of their chosen adult cam show.


Zoom In For a Close Live Cam Model Inspection

The question is, and I would genuinely love to get your feedback on this, does the zoomable cam feature add anything of value to a free cam chat session? Do you really get a more enjoyable or more memorable adult cam show experience by being able to zoom in on the cam?

I for one am not convinced, but I am more than happy to be proven wrong.

The zoom cam is a nice free cam chat feature to use as a lure for customers, but when you get down to it, the flirty webcam models position the camera during the show. All you can really do is move in and out, up and down within a very limited range of motion.

As a Cam Model You Need to be Ready for the Close Ups

Sure you could zoom in on certain body parts as the cam stars get all hot and bothered, but in doing that you lose so much more of the view.

I can understand the use of it maybe more in a private adult cam show setting, where you are the one calling the shots. You can have the webcam positioned to give you the best view, and the best zoom options.

Another feature that goes hand in hand with the zoom, on is the brightness and contrast adjustment. Now this strikes me as being a great addition. These do not alter the field of view, but rather give you independent control over the clarity of the free cam chat action.

It happens somewhat regularly that you open up a live free cam chat room to find the background colour noisy and the cam model pale in contrast. To be able to change these settings to suit your own preferences is giving you the ultimate way of optimizing you adult cam show experience.

Zoom in on your Favoruite Cam Stars


How many of you make use of this option? Maybe another question to ask is how many of you have signed up to a site because of options like this? It must be popular, otherwise it would not last. Not in the high speed world on online chat cams. Could it be that I am missing the point?

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