How to Cam 2 Cam on CamSoda – Full Guide with Pictures

How to Go Cam2Cam on CamSoda

CamSoda is a great freemium cam site with an easy to set up cam2cam process. Not all of the webcam models include cam2cam in their private shows, but those that do are clearly labelled. Find out how to identify which cam girls include c2c in their shows, how much it will cost you, and how to activate it.

It's a little different based on whether you're using a computer or mobile device, so scroll to the one you need.


On Computers

Go to the CamSoda homepage and click on the cam2cam tag at the top of the page. It's usually one of the top tags. If you don't see it, write cam2cam in the search bar.

The cam2cam tag on CamSoda

All of the models you are displayed should in theory offer cam2cam in their private shows. You need to choose the chat room which interests you and click on it.

In the model's chat room, find the pink Go Private button which is placed beneath the model's video stream and click on it.

Starting a private show on CamSoda

You will be presented with a confirmation window which tells you how much the model charges, what her average private show rating is, whether you will get a free recording of the show added to your media section, and whether cam2cam is allowed.

If you clicked the earlier cam2cam tag, all the models should in theory have cam2cam allowed, but some girls slip through the cracks.

CamSoda's private chat and cam2cam confirmation window

You will now be in a private show, but with the cam2cam turned off. To turn it on, you need to click on the pink Share Cam button. It can be found below the video feed next to the tip button.

Click the pink share cam button to share your webcam

On Mobile Devices

Filtering for cam2cam on mobile devices is harder, but activating cam2cam is more or less the same.

There is no searchable tag while on mobile. You will need to open the chat rooms individually to see if cam2cam is available or not.

There is no indicator while in the chat rooms either, you will need to click on the Go Private button, to see if cam2cam is included.

Click the Go Private button to find out if cam2cam is included

The confirmation window on mobile is basically the same as on computers. The confirmation window tells you what the model's average private show rating is, whether you will get a free recording of the show, and whether cam2cam is allowed.

Private show confirmation window on mobile

After confirming you want to go private, you will be in a private show, but your cam2cam won't be on. To turn on c2c, you will need to click on the share green camera icon which appears directly below the video.

CamSoda's c2c Compared to Other Sites

CamSoda as a cam2cam site ranks in second place, right after LiveJasmin. For mobile cam2cam, CamSoda ranks as the number one site, but on computers it is LiveJasmin which provides the best experience.

Cam2cam on CamSoda is cheaper than on most other sites, as the cam girls on the site have a lower lowest price and a lower average price. At a minimum of $0.60 a minute and an average of $2.40 a minute, CamSoda is far cheaper than MyFreeCams for example, where the set price for a private show is $6.00 a minute, not inclusive of cam2cam.

There are sites which let you do cam2cam in the free chat, but overall each of those sites provides a worse experience for cam2cam. You don't have a guarantee that they are watching you and if they do watch, you don't know if they just peeked or if they kept on watching.


The cam2cam on CamSoda is pretty darn simple to set up. You start your private show and click on the cam2cam button. As long as you have your browser up to date and gave the site all the permissions it needs, the cam2cam should work.

If you can't get it to work, go make sure that everything is up to date, that your webcam works, and that you aren't in an area with an internet connection that couldn't handle a Skype call.

If you have any questions or want to recommend any of your favorite CamSoda cam girls to other users, then make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.


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