How to Hide Icons, Badges, and Other Video Screen Blockers

How to Get Rid of Badges on Chaturbate, CamSoda, and More

Whether you are on CamSoda, Chaturbate, Bongacams or any other cam site where the cam girls use floating badge overlays on top of their video screens, there is a relatively easy way to remove them. There are different shortcuts, depending on whether you are on Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

This guide will show you the basic way which works on all systems. If at any point you mess up, just refresh the page. Any changes you made will be deleted, and you will have to restart from step one.

  1. Find a chat room where the badges/icons cover the video screen
    Hiding icons on Chaturbate
  2. Hover over the icon to see if a hand appears
    Getting rid of badges on Chaturbate
  3. Right click the icon and click on Inspect Element
    Chaturbate with no DMCA badges
  4. Right click the icon again so that it is highlighted, then click DELETE on your keyboard
    Uninterrupted camming on Chaturbate
  5. Repeat on every icon
    Chaturbate with nothing covering video screen
  6. Press the little X to close the Developer Tools
    Close the developer tools to finish

That's it, with those 6 easy steps you will be able to hide/delete every single spammy icon that covers your video screen. If you accidentally delete the wrong element, just refresh the page and start over. No harm is caused to the site or your computer.

However, unfortunately, you will also run into images which have been embedded into the video feed, rather than just being placed on top of it.

Images which have been embedded directly into the video feed cannot be removed. An example of this is the Sonic character you've been seeing in this girl's chat room. When you hover your mouse on top of it, it is not clickable and you can't do anything about it.

You would have to request from the model to turn it off on her end. Some cam girls will do it in private shows, while others will do it if you tip enough. Some cam girls won't change their settings no matter what.

    Chaturbate embedded video feed

The technique to 'inspect element' and delete any unnecessary code actually works on all ads on pretty much all streaming sites. If you are ever on a site and you want to hide something, just right click it, inspect element, and delete it.

Good luck and enjoy your new found uninterrupted viewing experience.

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