IMlive Have Taken Live Cam Interaction to a New Level

Live Cams Are Getting Personal Over at ImLive

In the world of live adult cams, there is no room for a company to sit back and rest on their laurels. Sites like understand this and are therefore always striving to find that new unique item that will help keep them at the top of the free webcam chat site rankings.


They have stiff competition, but their newest feature might just be what was missing to make them number one.

How often do you have it that you are chatting with hot live models only to find that when things start getting good the two of you fail to click on that final vital ingredient that makes a good free webcam chat show a great live adult cams experience.

First they (live adult cams in general) brought in the model biographies, which tells you all you needed to know about your chosen hot live models, but that still didn’t help them truly understand you.

Flirty Cam Models Are Interested in Learning More About You

We all know that when the private shows start and the clothes come off, conversation is the last thing on our minds. We want a good live adult cams show and we want to right away.

So, what did ImLive introduce to keep your free webcam chat sessions interesting and running according to your own individual tastes? The Personal Card of course.

This is a stroke of live adult cams genius. The ultimate way to ensure both you and the hot live models are on the same page.

Share You Personal Information For Better Live Cam Shows

The form is very simple to fill in, enter you basic information, your location, a description of yourself and your turn ons.

This card is then visible to all live adult cams models, and allows them to not only tailor their free webcam chat sessions to best suit the most active members of the chat room, but also to get to know you better.

A lot of live adult cams visitors are very particular about their hot live models. They visit the same cams on a regular basis, and through the Personal Card, the live adult cams staff get to know their regulars on an even more personal level. Thus allowing them to relax and find that groove which ensures they stay your favourite hot live models.

You Favourite Models Are Interested in You


Until now I have not seen this card, or anything else like it on any other live adult cams site, but I am confident that it will become a new staple for the biggest and the best free webcam chat sites around.

That does automatically lead to the question of what comes next. That dear readers, is where I am glad to be working on this side of the industry and not behind the doors of the free webcam chat industry, because when the sky is the limit, sometimes choosing the new direction to take can be quick tricky.

Whatever it is, I am sure one two things, hot live models will stay popular, and this booming industry will continue to dominate the online adult market.

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