LiveJasmin Credit Auctions – Real Tokens for Real Discounts

LiveJasmin Credit Auctions Offer Huge Discounts

Notification: LiveJasmin has removed the Live Auction function. You used to be able to navigate to it by accessing the old site, but that no longer seems to be possible. If you are looking for the best priced adult sex cams, we recommend looking at the best sex cam promotions online.

Not many people know this fact, but for live adult cams sites such as LiveJasmin have special auctions that are held, allowing you to buy credits at potentially heavily discounted prices.

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These auctions are held continuously throughout the day and give you plenty of different credit balances to bid on. They are simple in their construction and are another great way that LiveJasmin give a little back to their users.

In the world of amateur cam chat LiveJasmin have long been considered a world leader, and their running of daily real webcam chat token auctions is a testament to their industry based dominance.

How Do These Live Credit Auctions Work

It is important to know that you have to be logged out of your account when you join the auction page, as you are asked to enter your details and confirmations for each big that you place.

Much like any other online auction, the real webcam chat auctions start by presenting the package and giving you a starting price and then letting you loose from that point on. Unlike regular auctions where you bid up, trying to out muscle the competition, the live adult cams auctions are more based on a battle of nerves. The price is set at the start based on the page deals on, and then they start to count down. Moving one cent at a time you want forced to watch and wait.

Once you think the auction has decreased to a price that is low enough, you click to place your bid. If you are lucky and deemed the winner, you may enter your details, and the amateur cam chat tokens are yours.

The trick is all in the timing. If you wait too long, the chance at a bargain set of real webcam chat tokens could slip through your fingers. Alternatively, if you jump before the time is right, you may win, but your discount is going to be less than it could have been.

Do you have the nerve to go down low?

How Many Credit Auctions Do LiveJasmin Run?

When the auctions are running, they do so in batches of four, one for each of the standard credit packages that LiveJasmin offer.

The auctions run one at a time and cycle through the package valuations. Counting down from full price until somebody calls stop. In essence, there is only ever one single countdown auction running at any given moment, but the auctions themselves carry on seamlessly throughout the day.

Real Time Token Auctions

How Do I Access These Live Credit Auctions?

Getting access to the live adult cams token auctions is simple. You can either, run a simple Google search for LiveJasmin Token Auctions or you can head to LiveJasmine and go from there.

  • Do not log into your account, remain a guest user.
  • Navigate to the old version of the site. LiveJasmin should offer you the ability in the upper toolbar beside the Credit Purchase option.
  • Once the old version of the LiveJasmin live adult cams site has loaded, click on ‘My Account’.
  • On that screen you will see the option for the token auctions.
  • Hit that button and the auction site will load for you.
  • All four auctions are listed side by side, and you can easily see which one is running. If it isn’t the token package for you, just watch and wait, your turn will come soon enough.
Accessing the Auctions is Quick and Simple

What Are The Benefits of Using These Auctions?

The benefits to the auctions are that you can get low cost tickets to use enjoying real amateur cam chat shows with real homemade ladies who love nothing more than to party in private.

On average, a real webcam chat token package will sell at auction for approximately 30% less than normal. If you have the nerve, you could take these savings even lower. It could even be that you walk away with a token package worth 157.99 amateur cam chat credits for as low as the price of a single credit.

There are of course limits, you cannot sit and spend all of your time watching the auctions. As a result, LiveJasmin monitor this by not allowing any single user the ability bid on any more than three auctions a week. At a minimum that means you can bid on a value of 85 credits per week. If you play it safe and go for the lowest token denominations offered.

What Happens if I Win a Credit Auction?

If you are the winner of the auction, which goes one the age old first come first served approach when multiple people bid at the same time, you are invited to enter your membership information. Once that has been done the process works the same way as with a normal top up. Your account will be credited with the tokens, at the price you bid.

This means you can instantly make use of the victory and visit the amateur cam chat stars at and get straight into the action with a live adult cams private chat show.

The benefit is there for you every step of the way.

A LiveJasmin cam girl

Why do LiveJasmin Do It?

As we mentioned above, LiveJasmin are a niche industry leader, and as of this moment in time they are the only real webcam chat site that offer this auction service. They do it because they have a reputation of being the best, and they aim to keep it.

The benefits are all there for you, the users, but LiveJasmin know they will win in the long run because their site has the quality that makes it rise above the rest, and by looking after their members in with such style, the ensure that customer confidence in their product is key to success and continued growth.

Joining LiveJasmin for Live Credit Auctions

While you should not be logged into your account when visiting the auctions, you should at least have one. This is not a pre-requisite, but it does speed up the whole process quite sufficiently.

Joining LiveJasmin is a free and easy process – not to mention something that always come with a bonus in its own right. Sign up for FREE today and then head on over to the auctions and start saving money instantly.  

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