The Only 2 Recommended Sites for Fart Cams

2 Best Sites to Watch Farting Cam Girls

Farting cam girls are somewhat of a taboo. You might want to see them, but you will rarely find a cam girl who is confident enough to fart on cam, where anyone could watch her. After a lot of searching, and a lot of checking, we are confident in saying that there are only two cam sites where you can easily find gassy webcam models. On other sites, you can spend days or even weeks, hoping for a flatulent babe to come online. logo

What makes My Free Cams different to other sites, is the huge number of webcam models they have, and the variety of them. Since MyFreeCams has a looser tagging policy than other sites, you can find some really obscure things while searching.


A sex chat host farting on MyFreeCams

In our searches, we have found that typing fart into the search bar usually yields results. You might not get a huge selection, but as you are probably aware, even finding one girl can be a godsend.

Depending on your luck, and the time of day you log on, you might actually find that you have more than a couple of rooms to choose from.

Search results on MyFreeCams when searching for fart

Depending on the cam girl you are watching, you will either need to invite her into a private chat or tip her to get her to fart. In private shows, the standard price is $6.00 a minute, or $8.00 a minute for a true private. If you prefer to tip for farts in the free chat instead of a private show, it becomes near impossible to gauge the prices. Different models have different price expectations.

Often, models that have fart, farting, and fart fetish as a model tag, don't list the price of an actual fart. When the price isn't listed, it is recommended that you ask the model for yourself what she charges. Don't bother trying to search for Eproctophilia, the medical term for a fart fetishist, you won't get any results.

Most cam girls on MyFreeCams have a chat block enabled against free users. To be able to actually talk with the models, to request a private cam2cam fart show, or inquire about making requests in the free chat, you will first need to buy tokens. A one time payment of $19.99 will make you a premium member for life. You will be able to talk in all chat rooms, without tipping.

Once you have found a your flatulent queen, make sure to add her to your favorites list. Since MyFreeCams often has over a thousand webcam models online, you want to make sure that you don't lose sight of the models you like. logo

Unlike MyFreeCams, ImLive isn't as good for looking for online farting cam girls. What ImLive is good for, is the option to submit your fantasy. You write down your filthiest fantasies, and the models that are willing to participate will message you. While you can't find a show in the immediate, you plan out a proper session where the cam girl eats a proper diet to fart during your show.



To get the option to submit your fantasy, you will need to register with an account. You will find the option under the Member Area page. Just look for the magic lamp.

You can submit a fantasy of up to 400 characters. Keep it brief and simple, as the interested models will follow up with you in private messages anyway. You will get more than a few replies. Just respond to the ones that interest you.


While ImLive has free chat rooms, it is a premium site. What that means, is that the cam girls don't get naked and frisky for free. If you want a fart cam show, you are going to have to pay for a private show. The prices average at about $3.00 a minute, a price that drops as you climb up the loyalty tiers and get more bonus credits with each purchase. At the top level, you will get up to 25% extra credits with each purchase.

On ImLive, you can actually record your private shows. You will need to pay to rewatch them, but it is cheaper than paying for a whole new show. If you had a fantastic session, you can always go back to it again and again. The price to rewatch your shows will also drop as you rise up the loyalty tiers.

If you are looking for cam girl to do a show right now, without submitting your fantasy, things get a little trickier. Searching for fart in the search bar doesn't provide you with relevant results. You will need to manually go from room to room asking the girls if they fart, which is as frustrating as it is on any other site.

Registering on the site and submitting your fantasy are both free. You won't need to purchase any credits until you are ready to commit to a show.


If you are looking for a show right now, your only option is MyFreeCams. There won't always be fart tagged cam girls online, but there will usually be a few.

If you don't mind waiting a little bit, we recommend going to ImLive and submitting your fantasy. Just come back in a day or two and you should find a whole list of women to respond to.

The best strategy would be to to go register on ImLive and submit your fantasy. While waiting for responses there, check out the available selection on MyFreeCams. Between the two of them, you should be able to find something for now and something for later.



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