[UPDATED] How to Become a Webcam Model – The Ultimate Guide

How to Become a Cam Model – Everything You Need to Know

Online cam modeling is a great way to make money online. All you need is a webcam, a stable internet connection, and your body. If you are successful, you could work part time and earn as much money as a full time job. But, being a cam girl can be hard work. If you are new to the industry, it can be hard to know where to start and cam sites will make you the most money.

These are the top 5 webcam sites to model on. They have the highest payouts and the best traffic you can read more model tips here.


Chaturbate.com logo

Chaturbate is currently the most popular freemium cam site in the world. The most popular rooms can have over 10,000 people watching. At any given time there can be up to 6,000 webcam rooms to compete against, but if you make it big on Chaturbate you really can make a whole load of money. Most models make money from getting tips in the free chat rooms. When it comes to private shows you get to dictate your price and can choose to give users a free recording of the show. You have complete discretion over cam2cam. You can choose to watch someone's webcam for free, for a tip, or not at all.

Accepted Gender: All

Number of performers: Any

Site Focus: Freemium

Earning potential: You get 5 cents per token. Every 20 tokens you earn is the equivalent of $1.00. It doesn't matter if you earned your tokens in tips, from the price of private shows, or from the media you sell, each token is still worth 5 cents. For private shows you can choose to charge 6, 12, 18, 30, 60, 90, or 120 tokens a minute.

Payments: Twice a month, by check, direct deposit, Paxum or FirstChoicePay, on the condition that you’ve reached a minimum payout of $50.

Privacy: Block visitors by countries or US states.

Taxes: The agency issues year-end form 1099 statements (US-based models)

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CamSoda.com logo

CamSoda is much smaller compared to some other sites, but CamSoda is very rewarding for a model's perspective. The payout is high, all of your content is automatically protected by DMCA and you are even eligible for health insurance support. CamSoda is freemium based, meaning that most performers make money from tips stripping in the free chat rooms. Some models orientate themselves around private shows, for which you can decide if you want to include cam2cam/free show recordings. CamSoda is great for new inexperienced models.

Accepted Genders: All

Number of performers: Any

Site Focus: Freemium

Earning potential: As a model on CamSoda you earn between $0.05 to $0.055 per token. Looking at the average token cost that is about 50-55% of what users spend. According to CamSoda, models actually earn between 80-85% of the profit when you take into account free tokens, chargebacks, and business costs. The lowest price for a private show on CamSoda is 6 tokens a minute while the highest is 120 tokens a minute. You are at complete liberty to set your own price for private shows, and for the videos and pictures which you can choose to sell.

Payments: Payments are weekly and can be sent by a variety of methods. Direct Deposit, Check, and Paxum has a $20 minimum payout. Wire transfers have a minimum of $500. If you are an American, you can easily set up ACH deposits.

Privacy: Block locations where you don't want to be seen.

Taxes: You need to handle your own W9 and 1099 MISC tax forms.

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Stripchat.com logo

Stripchat is a freemium cam site with the clean ad free interface of a premium site. Stripchat is very popular with both users and models. Many models make most of their money in the free chat rooms through tips, requests, and goals, but others rely mostly on paid show types. You can choose what price you want to charge and whether to include a free recording of the show. All models on Stripchat have to set a price for cam2cam shows. You can charge more for it than a private show, or just turn down users who request it if you don't want to cam2cam at all.

Accepted Genders: All

Number of performers: Any

Site Focus: Freemium

Earning potential: Stripchat pays models 5 cents per token received. Looking at the Stripchat tokens packages, models actually get 50-59% of what users spend. Taking into account all the site promotions, processing fees, and chargeback protection, Stripchat claims models actually get over 75% of the site's profit. You a large amount of control over your prices, with the option to charge as little as 8 tokens a minute or up to 150 tokens a minute for a private show.

Payments: Every Tuesday by Paxum, COSMOpayment, ePayService, ACH/Direct Transfers, Checks, or Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies.  International Wire Transfers and EUR Wire Transfers (SEPA) are also available, but only every other Tuesday.

Privacy: Ban users by countries or states.

Taxes: You need to handle your own W9 and 1099 MISC tax forms.

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LiveJasmin.com logo

LiveJasmin is a premium webcam site with a focus on paid private shows. The free chat rooms are entirely clothed and are meant to lure users into paid show types. You get to dictate what you are willing to perform in a private show, though if you agree to perform something you are obligated to do so. LiveJasmin is currently the most visited cam site in the world. LiveJasmin is usually more recommended for experienced cam girls, rather than for complete amatuers. For LiveJasmin, you have to be willing to watch cam2cam feeds, though you can choose to charge extra for it.

Accepted Genders: All

Number of performers: Solo

Site Focus: Paid private shows

Earning potential: 30-60% of what members pay on their private shows and other services, +20% if you referred the member. New models can charge a maximum price of 0.98 credits a minute. Once you have earned enough, you will be able to raise your prices higher. The more expensive girls on the site charge up to 4 credits a minute. You can also charge more for cam2cam and two-way audio, with the option to charge up to 2 credits a minute for each. At the start, you will only get 30%, but if you turn it into a full time job you can increase your earnings to 60%.

Payments: Every two weeks via Paxum, FirstChoicePay, ePayService or postal check, if you reach the minimum payout limit.

Privacy: Option to ban all users from the home country/ state, unregistered guests from up to 3 other countries.

Taxes: Performers get paid for "electronically delivered services" and you need to consult with your bookkeeper to make sure they report your taxes duly.

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MyFreeCams.com logo

MyFreeCams was the original free cam site. Before MyFreeCams all sites focused on just the private shows. MyFreeCams attracts mainly users who tip for requests and goals in the free chat rooms. MyFreeCams has a high set price of 60 tokens a minute, which makes it is less popular for users looking for private shows. You can set your own price options for requests and can even demand a tip to start a private show. Cam2cam is completely at your discretion. You can choose if you want to make it available and if so, if you want to charge for it.

Accepted Genders: Females only

Number of performers: Any

Site Focus: Freemium

Earning potential: Each token is worth 5 cents. According to MyFreeCams, models get an average of 61.4% of what users spend on tokens and around 80% of the total profit of the company when you take into account chargebacks, refunds, and promotions.

Payments: Payment periods are on the 1st and 16th of each month. There are a variety of payout methods. American models can opt for direct deposits/ACH. American and Canadian models also have the option to get a check in the mail, both methods have a minimum payout of $20. Models outside of the US can choose a bank transfer method between First Choice Pay, Paxum, and ePayServices. While First Choice Pay has a $20 minimum, the others are just $10.

Privacy: Block locations where you don't not want to be seen.

Taxes: American models must digitally sign a W9 tax form which will be kept on file, but will not be sent to the IRS. At the end of every year, before January 31st, if you have made over $600, a copy of the 1099 MISC Tax Form is automatically sent to you and the IRS.

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Other Sites

There are many other cam sites, which are not as recommended for various reasons. When it comes to model payouts, user volume, and user quality, Chaturbate, CamSoda, Stripchat, LiveJasmin, and MyFreeCams are really much better for models than the others. In the following table you can see each of the major cam sites and how much they pay out to their models.

The numbers are estimates based on numbers provided by the sites and estimates where information is unavailable.

  Type Payout
Chaturbate Freemium 50-60%
CamSoda Freemium 50-55%
Stripchat Freemium 50-59%
LiveJasmin Premium 30%
MyFreeCams Freemium 61.4%
Flirt4Free Mix 25-30%
ImLive Premium 30%
MyDirtyHobby Premium 50%
Cams Mix 32%
SecretFriends Mix 50%
xLoveCam Mix 35-50%
BongaCams Freemium 50%
Streamate Mix 30-35%
Cam4 Freemium 50-62.5%

Some of the sites above will offer you higher percentages if you work a certain number of hours/earn enough tokens or credits. It can be very nice to hit the bonuses and get more money, but realistically most webcam models are not usually getting that every month. Sites like Cams and ImLive are willing to double your cut, but you will need to be on webcam pretty much every waking hour of the day.

As much as possible, we tried to limit our numbers to what you get at the start, rather than what you could potentially make.

Freemium vs Premium

At the moment there are three types of cam sites.

  • Freemium cam sites – models mainly strip for tips and requests in free chat rooms or in private shows.
  • Premium cam sites – models strip and perform sexual acts only in paid show types like group shows or private shows.
  • Mixed content cam sites – models are allowed to get nude in in the free chat rooms, but most models are clothed until a private starts.

You can sign up for as many cam sites at the same time as you want, but you should decide what type of cam girl you want to be. Since premium sites will often slap you with monetary fine for being naked in the free chat rooms, it is often better to choose to be just freemium or just premium/mix.

How Many Sites You Should Sign Up For

While signing up for the different cam sites you may notice that most of them recommend sticking to just their cam site when you perform.

As a new performer, it is recommended to start on just one site, so you can learn the ropes before you branch out.

Once you are a more seasoned performer, broadcasting on multiple sites at once can help you improve the steadiness of your income, as a slow day on one site won't necessarily mean a slow day on another. Of course, if you really explode in popularity on one site, you should consider signing an exclusivity deal for a bigger percentage.


There really are a whole load of places which you can get started on. Due to the sheer amount of traffic and the ease of use, we recommend Chaturbate as the ideal place for new amateur webcam models to join. Just make sure to read up on the model rules before you begin.

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